It’s Christmastime at the Ranch!

Christmas can be a difficult time for the boys and girls at the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches. Some miss their families, and for others, this may be the very first time they get to experience the joy of Christmas!

YOU can make this Christmas merry and bright for our Ranchers! The end of the year is an expensive time to raise a child, especially when you raise as many as we do at the Ranches. We ask that you consider making a special year-end gift to help meet our needs during the Christmas season.

Here are some ways YOU can help this Christmas!

  1. You can sponsor a child by “adopting” one of our Ranchers this Christmas. See the wish lists at the bottom of the page. Simply pick a child and shop for the items on their list. You can drop the items off at our Batesville campus, or even have them shipped to our address at 100 Saint Vincent Place, Batesville, AR 72501.
  2. Or you may simply make an online donation, and let us do the shopping for you! $250 can sponsor a child, $50 will buy a large gift, $10 will buy stocking stuffers. Click here to make your gift online.
  3. Make a special honor or memorial giftYou can send a Christmas greeting to that person on your list who has everything via email or provide their address, and the Ranch will mail them a Christmas card acknowledging your gift! Click here to make an honor or memorial gift online.
  4. Buy a family gift for one of our cottagesWe can always use new board games, new video games, and new books for all ages! Shop online, and have it shipped to the Ranch at 100 Saint Vincent Place, Batesville, AR 72501.
  5. Our greatest need this time of year is general operating support. Please consider an end-of-year or a monthly gift to support our mission. You can give online here, call 870-793-6841 ext 315, or mail your gift to PO Box 3964, Batesville, AR 72503. All gifts are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible!

With your help, we can make this a Christmas to remember for the boys and girls who live at the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches!


You can also support the Youth Ranches by doing something you probably already going to do this Christmas season: shop online!

Whether it’s on #BlackFriday, #CyberMonday, or any day of the year, use’s Amazon Smile program, and they will donate .5% of your Amazon purchases to benefit the boys and girls at the Ranches!

All you need to do is visit Amazon Smile and select the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches as the charity you would like to support, and .5% of your future purchases will benefit the Ranches. It’s an easy way to help raise funds for the Youth Ranches by doing something you already do!


Become a Hope Builder


Commit to a monthly contribution. It’s a simple, secure way to provide consistent support to the ASYR. Click here to support today! For the cost of a fast food meal, you can help change a child’s life. For a contribution for as little as $10 per month can help provide for things like:

•  New shoes for our boys and girls
•  Christmas and Birthday gifts for our children
•  Feed for goats, chickens or other animals on the Ranch
•  Salary for our loving houseparents
•  An allowance for a child
•  Utilities for our cottages


Mid-Summer Roundup

Since school let out in May, the Ranch has been buzzing with activity from campus visits, to projects around the farm, to lots of activities with our boys and girls.

Our Ranchers had a very special visit from First Lady Susan Hutchinson in June. The First Lady toured our campus and spent time with each of our boys and girls. She spoke to them and encouraged them to make the most of their time at the Ranch. Her message was very well received and much appreciated.

The next week, the Ranch hosted a group of Arkansas Sheriffs from across the state for a tour and a barbecue lunch with our Ranchers. We are grateful for the support of our county Sheriffs, and we always love it when they come out to the Ranch for a visit!

The first Saturday in June, Arkansas Game & Fish and the National Wild Turkey Federation hosted a fishing derby and a skeet shoot for our Ranchers. Game & Fish stocked our ponds earlier in the week, so our kids caught a lot of fish that day! The Wild Turkey Federation taught our Ranchers how to call turkey. Our Ranchers also had an opportunity to learn about gun safety and shoot skeet. Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped make this event happen!

In May, more than 100 golfers played in the 21st Annual First Community Bank Charity Golf Tournament to benefit the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches. This annual tournament was held at The Course at Eagle Mountain in Batesville and has helped raise over $278,000 for the Ranch since 1998. Thank you to First Community Bank for putting on this tournament each year and to everyone who sponsors and plays in the tournament!

Keystone Solutions in Batesville has been teaching a pilot course on technology to a group of our Ranchers this summer. They have learned how to set up a Raspberry Pi, to make their own ethernet cables, and to put technology to use in creating anything their minds can dream up!

Thank you to the The Home Depot Foundation and Team Depot for providing the materials to build brand new picnic tables for all of our houses at the Ranch! And special thanks to the men of Presbyterian Kirk of the Hills for providing the manpower to build these great tables!

Also in May, in case you missed it, the Ranch was featured in an article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. You can read the whole article by clicking here.

Our Ranch staff and some of our boys have also begun working on a new barn for our petting zoo animals. It will be ready in plenty of time for our Pumpkin Patch this October, and we can’t wait to show you the final product!

Join us

We are so grateful for every visitor, volunteer, donor, and staff person who work together to make the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches a safe, healthy and loving home to raise boys and girls.

You can join us in this important work with a one-time gift or monthly gift for as little as $10. For the price of a meal, you can help change a child’s life. Click here or text the word Ranch to 41444 to make your gift today. You may also mail your contribution to PO Box 3964, Batesville, AR 72503. Contact Matt Cleveland at 501-940-3440 or for other other giving opportunities.

You can also help us spread the word about the good work being done at the ASYR. Follow @YouthRanches on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and like and share our posts with your friends.

From unimaginable childhood to a bright future

An Unimaginable Childhood

Llahoma was only 10 years old when her parents divorced. Soon after that, her mother became pregnant with another man’s child. Her mother went from job to job. Over the next 3 years, they were evicted often and a variety of men were in and out of Llahoma’s life. There was no stability.

Llahoma’s mom and her live in boyfriend were both addicted to drugs. Her mother would often try to barter her for sex in exchange for more drugs.

First, her mom was trafficking drugs. Then she started an escort service. Every day was filled with physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. In the 6th grade, Llahoma only went to school for 3 months. She was beaten so badly that year that she couldn’t use her arm.

When Llahoma was 13, her mom had sobered up, but she thought Llahoma was the cause of all her problems, so she decided that sending Llahoma to live with her dad was the solution. She took Llahoma to Toad Suck Park near Conway, gave her a scribbled note with a number for a taxi, and an address she believed to be Llahoma’s dad’s. Then she left.

This was the last time Llahoma saw her mother alive.

Llahoma was not a welcomed guest at her father’s house because he had a girlfriend who had her own child. Llahoma was devastated. But fortunately, this situation led to her finding the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranch.

“It was hard when I first came to the Ranch. I didn’t want to talk to the counselor, I just wanted to listen to my Walkman. After all the hurt from my mom, I felt that my dad didn’t care either.”

Soon after Llahoma arrived at the Ranch, the staff and her doctors discovered that she was addicted to amphetamines and was experiencing withdrawals. She had no idea that her mom’s boyfriend had been slipping her drugs to be able to sexually abuse her.

The Next Chapter

Although Llahoma’s story began with an unimaginable childhood, thanks to loving houseparents at the Ranch and generous donors who make the our work possible, this story gets better.

Once her system was clean, Llahoma realized she was in a safe place at the Ranch. And Ranch life was so much better! She got real food every single day – and someone actually cooked her food. She was also able to bond with other girls at the Ranch who had been through similar situations. She no longer felt like an outcast because the girls had each other, and the guys were like real brothers. She knew they had her back and that the Ranch was a safe place where no one would come in her room at night.

Dr. ‘G’ was Llahoma’s counselor, and he was so helpful in her recovery. He taught her how to have appropriate interaction with men and not be afraid. He taught her who she could be.

Llahoma says that houseparents are truly the unsung heroes of the Ranch. They not only care for the children’s physical needs, but they also make every child feel safe and loved.

Not long after coming to the Ranch Llahoma got a job at age 14. The Ranch encourages Ranchers to get jobs. She saved her money, and at 16 she bought a car. She excelled in school. She was Vice President of the ART Club, active in her schools chapters of Future Business Leaders of America and Future Farmers of America, and she played softball. She loved staying busy with her school’s extracurricular activities, and her houseparents always encouraged her in her endeavors. Upon graduation she got a full ride scholarship to Henderson State University, where she attended their Honors College.

Llahoma became involved with the Humane Society and was the youngest person ever elected to their Board of Directors at age 20. Later, she received a job offer from the Red Cross and moved to Baltimore. She also worked with Americorp and the Domestic Peace Corps.

At age 25, Llahoma learned that her Mom had cancer and had passed away, so she returned to Arkansas for the funeral.

Llahoma has a big heart for animals, and after returning to Arkansas, she was offered a Regional Training position for Petco as a Behavior Consultant working with abused animals. Many of her clients referred to her as the “Dog Whisperer.” Not only had she been abused, but she formed special bonds with her pets that had also been abused.

A Bright Future

Today, Llahoma is the Regional Philanthropy Officer for the American Red Cross. She has a six year old daughter who loves to sing and dance. They’re both fans of Wonder Woman and live in Central Arkansas.

Thanks to everyone that supports the Ranch, Llahoma has grown into a successful young woman. She tells us, “I have found my voice and it is strong!” So from Llahoma, her daughter, and everyone at the Ranch, we are grateful to everyone who played a part in Llahoma’s story.

“This is my story. I would not be the woman or the mother I am today without my story, and the Ranch is a big part of that.”

You Can Help

Llahoma’s story is just one of more than 2,050 boys and girls who have called the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranch home over the 40 plus years. Thanks to generous supporters of the Ranch and their love for children, lives are changed every day at the Ranch. With an annual or monthly gift to the Ranch, you too can impact the lives of children children like Llahoma who have been neglected, abused and abandoned. Click here to give today.

As an honorary member of the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches, you become our partner in serving hurting children. We could not do this important work without the faithful support of friends like you. As a member, you will receive a 2018 membership card, a window decal, and we also have license plate tags and frames available to show your support of the Ranch!

Many of our Ranchers have had a difficult past, but at the ASYR they find a brighter future. But we can’t do it without friends like you! You can join us in this lifesaving mission by committing to an annual or monthly gift today.

Did you know that a monthly contribution of just $25 can help provide:

•  New shoes for up to six of our boys and girls
•  A monthly allowance for one child
•  Caps and gowns for all of our graduates
•  Birthday gifts for 12 children
•  Feed for our goats and other farm animals for one month

This year, you can make a difference in the life of a child. Click here to become a Hope Builder with your monthly gift to the Ranches.

He tried to run away 3 times…

Ben was just 13. He’d been horribly abused by his drug-addicted parents. He did the best he could to take care of his younger siblings when his parents were high.

His younger siblings were eventually adopted and all ties to them had been cut off. This was really hard on Ben.  When Ben came to the Ranch he was probably one of the most depressed young boys I’d ever seen. It broke my heart.

Being so young and with his history of abuse and abandonment, Ben didn’t know how to handle his emotions. He was defensive and angry. He struggled daily just to get along with others. He certainly didn’t feel he could trust adults.

Three times – yes, three times, Ben put his things in a trash bag and tried to run away. But every time a house parent would go after him, bring him home and let him know how much he was loved.

Finally, Ben realized that trying to run away wasn’t going to work. He is loved here and we are not letting him go! It took a few years, but now Ben refers to the Ranch as ‘home’ and everyone here as ‘family.’

Today, Ben is a sophomore and has a good job working for a local restaurant. Ben accepted the love and grace that we poured out on him. He is grateful that he has a family that loves and cares for him.

We are forever grateful to our donors who allow us to make a difference in the lives of children like Ben.

Read Ben’s letter to two of our staff members who made a difference in his life.

YOU can also help give these children the second chance they deserve, and your gift to the Ranch, no matter how large or small, matters.

Children are waiting. We need your help to give a second chance to every child who simply needs a stable, loving home. Can you make a gift so we can help more children like Ben? Click here to give today!

Did you know that a monthly contribution of just $25 can provide:

•  New shoes for up to six of our boys and girls
•  A monthly allowance for one child
•  Caps and gowns for all of our graduates
•  Birthday gifts for 12 children
•  Feed for our Rancher’s horses for one month

You can make a difference in the life of a child. Click here to make a monthly gift to the Ranches.

Greg Hatcher to be Honored at 22nd Annual Arkansas Children’s Award Dinner

Please join us on Thursday, October 26 as we honor Greg Hatcher for his outrageous service to the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches.

Greg Hatcher and his team at The Hatcher Agency have been Arkansas’s number one producer in health insurance sales every year since the company opened its doors in 1990. Greg literally wrote the book on “Outrageous Service,” and The Hatcher Agency has been recognized as one of the top health insurance producers in the nation.

But for Greg, outrageous service doesn’t end with his business. Greg is constantly giving back to the community through his own outrageous service, and much of his philanthropic and volunteer work focuses on serving Arkansas children. Whether it is coaching football at Pulaski Academy, supporting mental health for children at Centers for Youth & Families, or by chairing the Arkansas Children’s Award Dinner for the last three years to benefit the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches, Greg is always willing to step up for children.

Some of Greg’s most compelling work for children is his involvement with student athletics, especially his pioneering wrestling programs across the state. He founded The Arkansas Wrestling Association and has purchased wrestling mats for 60 high schools and 12 colleges to begin new programs. But more than any of the honors and accolades, Greg is proud to have over 4,000 Arkansas children strengthening their lives through wrestling.

In appreciation of his outrageous service to Arkansas children and his support of the mission of the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches to provide homes for some of Arkansas’s most deserving children, we are proud to honor Greg Hatcher as the recipient of the 2017 Arkansas Children’s Award.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe will make his 22nd appearance as master of ceremonies for the Award Dinner. The 22nd Annual Arkansas Children’s Award Dinner will be held on Thursday, October 26, 2017, at the Little Rock Marriott. A silent auction and reception will begin at 6:00 pm, and the dinner program and live auction will begin at 7:00 pm in the Grand Ballroom.

The Arkansas Children’s Award Dinner is an annual event benefiting the programs at the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches and recognizing an individual or organization who personifies in word and deed the ideals of the Ranch and has made outstanding contributions to create better opportunities for Arkansas’s youth.

The 22nd Annual Arkansas Children’s Award Dinner 
Little Rock Marriott Hotel 
Thursday, October 26, 2017
Reception and Silent Auction at 6:00 pm
Dinner and Program at 7:00 pm
Business Attire

Tickets are $200 per person, or you can sponsor a table of 10 for $2,000. Click here to purchase tickets online. Additional sponsor opportunities with special recognition are also available. For more information about tickets or sponsorship opportunities contact Matt Cleveland at or (501) 940-3440. You may also pay by check, made payable to ASYR at PO Box 3964, Batesville, AR 72503.

Click here for a list of all past recipients of the Arkansas Children’s Award.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Presenting Sponsor

Diamond Sponsors

The Hatcher Agency
Stone Ward

Gold Sponsors

Aramark Food Service
Linda & Rush Harding
Morris Foundation


He was 12 and couldn’t tie his shoes…

Life Before the Ranch

He was just 12 years old and living in a run-down camper. There was no electricity, no water. It was heartbreaking. This was one of the worst living conditions we’d ever seen.

Dylan was living with his father. Unfortunately, his father was not mentally capable of caring for Dylan.

Dylan didn’t know how to brush his teeth, bathe properly, make a bed – or even tie his shoes.

Life on the Ranch

That was more than 4 years ago. But today – because of friends like you, Dylan’s life at the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches looks very different. A couple of weeks ago, Dylan started his senior year in high school! He loves life on the Ranch and helping with the animals on our farm. Thank you for giving Dylan a second chance.

It warms my heart when I see his self-confidence. Because of friends like you, Dylan has a bright future. He’s considering becoming an HVAC Technician. He often tells me, “Mrs. Nancy, if it weren’t for the people at the Ranch, I don’t know where I’d be.”

While each success story brings a huge smile to my face – to the same degree, I grieve that there are so many children out there who still live like Dylan did. These are innocent children who live in squalor because their parents are addicted to drugs, in jail, or are disabled.

They’ve been neglected and abused. They’re not going to school. Some even survive by digging for expired food from dumpsters behind grocery stores. These are the kind of stories we often hear from our children, who if it were not for the Ranch, would slip through the cracks of society.

But You Can Help

Right now, you can help a children like Dylan with a gift to the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches. A monthly donation of just $25 can help pay the electric bill for one of our five cottages. A monthly gift of $50 can help us buy groceries for one cottage. Anything you can do – when we put it together with other contributions from other donors – allows us help children who need us. Click here to give today.

Dylan is just one example of the more than 2,050 children from every corner of Arkansas who have called our Ranches “home.” With all of us working together, we can make a tremendous impact and change the lives of many more children. Even a small monthly or one-time contribution would be so helpful at this time.

Nancy Weaver Fulton, CEO

Some of our greatest needs:

•  $25 per month can help pay one cottage’s utility bills.
•  $100 can help purchase clothes for a new child who comes to the Ranch with only the clothes on their back.
•  $150 can help purchase groceries for one cottage.
•  $285 can outfit 1 child for the 17/18 school year!

Becoming a Hope Builder by committing to a monthly tax-deductible donation is a safe and simple way to offer consistent support throughout the year. However you make your gift, please know that we are grateful for your investment in these young lives. Click here to donate today!

NEW! Youth Ranches Pumpkin Patch

Join the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches for its first ever Pumpkin Patch!

The staff and children at the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches have been hard at work to transform the Ranch into its first-ever Pumpkin Patch!

Admission is only $10 and includes one pumpkin per visitor and free access to up to 5 of these fun activities:
  • Hay Ride
  • Bouncy Houses
  • Petting Zoo
  • Tire Swings
  • Fruit Slingshot
  • Corn Pit
  • Fall Maze
  • Carnival Games, and more!

Our beautiful 600 acre campus offers many opportunities for beautiful fall photos with the whole family, and we’ll also have some fun photo spots set up for the kids!


Hours of Operation

Dates: Fri, Oct 20-Wed, Oct 25 and Fri, Oct 27-Sat, Oct 28
Times: M-F: 9-4, Sat: 9-5, Sun: 1-5
CLOSED: Thursday, Oct 26



$10 Admission per visitor available at the gate, includes 1 pumpkin and 5 tickets for activities. Additional activity tickets may be purchased for $1 each. Children 2 years of age and younger are FREE. For large groups of 20 or more, please call 870-793-6841 ext 300 for reservations. Credit and debit cards are accepted! Concessions are also available for an additional charge.

And the best part? 

All net proceeds from the Youth Ranches Pumpkin Patch benefit the mission of the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches, which provides safe, healthy, and loving homes for Arkansas children.  
If you would like to support this event by becoming a sponsor, please contact Matt Cleveland at 501-940-3440 or
You can also make a one-time or become a Hope Builder with  a monthly gift by clicking here



Pumpkin Sponsored by

Activity Sponsor

  • Future Fuel

Patch Sponsors

  • Southern Bank
  • White River Health System

Ranch Supporters

  • Batesville Poultry Equipment
  • Flowers Baking Company of Batesville
  • The Home Depot
  • Kallsnick
  • Wal-Mart
  • Williams Equipment

Ranchers go back to school in two weeks!

In just two short weeks, our Ranch boys and girls will be going back to school. There is so much to do between now and then! Hundreds of pairs of shoes and jeans will be tried on. Dozens of backpacks will be purchased and stuffed with new school supplies. There will be many fresh back-to-school haircuts given.

That’s the exciting part of back to school at the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches. But what you may not realize is that for many Arkansas boys and girls, just getting to school can be complicated.

How the Ranch Helped Three Siblings

Brandon’s mom was constantly in and out of jail for drugs. He never met his dad. He and his six siblings lived with their mother – when she wasn’t in jail. His siblings had multiple fathers, but none stuck around long enough to know their children.

Brandon and his brothers and sisters were neglected with no one to make sure they had food or their most basic needs met. Their grandmother stepped in to care for them when she could. But that support wasn’t enough. At age 15, Brandon’s future was looking pretty bleak.

However, three years ago, Brandon and his younger brother and sister were able to come to the Ranch. They quit having to move around from shelter to shelter, and at the Ranch, they now have a stable home and loving house parents who care about their success, in and out of school.

This May, Brandon graduated high school with a high GPA! The Class of 2017 even dedicated their class gift to the success of our two graduating seniors! Brandon is enrolled in college classes this fall and is working for the City of Batesville this summer.

What made the difference in this young man’s life?

People like you. How? Because the ASYR is funded almost entirely through charitable donations. Every day, our donors make a difference in the lives of the 30-40 boys and girls who live at the Ranch. And they will stay at the Ranch for as long as they need a place to call home, whether it’s three months or three years.

Today, there are many children across Arkansas who are hungry and neglected because their parents spend money on drugs instead of food and basic care. They long for a stable, loving home like we provide at the Ranch.

How You Can Help

School is starting back just two weeks from today, and we have lots of boys and girls to outfit for the school year! With a gift of just $285, we can buy clothes, shoes, a fresh haircut, school supplies, even a backpack for a child. Below are several ways you can help today. Click here to make a gift.

You can imagine what it is like for our boys and girls getting a new back pack and new shoes, some for the very first time! Their eyes light up with excitement, and they know they are going to have a great school year, because they have house parents and other staff at the Ranch who love them and are going to make sure they do their very best.

But we can’t do this important work without you! You can make a difference in these children’s lives today.

Here are some of our greatest needs:

 $285 can outfit 1 child for the 17/18 school year!
•  $150 can clothe one child for the year.
•  $125 can buy school supplies for a high schooler.
•  $50 can provide 5 fresh haircuts.
•  $45 can purchase a new pair of shoes for a child who has only known hand-me-downs.
•  $30 can provide 2 new backpacks.

Or you can become a Hope Builder by setting up an automatic monthly gift. It’s a safe and simple way to offer consistent support throughout the year. However you make your gift, please know that we are grateful for your investment in these young lives. Click here to donate today!

VIDEO from KARK 4 News: Youth Ranches Gives Arkansas Children a Place to Thrive

In case you missed it, click here to watch the great story from KARK 4 News about the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches!

Thanks to KARK for helping us tell our story about the lives that are changed at the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches.

You can support the Ranch mission by becoming a Hope Builder with a monthly gift or by making a one-time gift to the Ranches.

_MG_7234Did you know that a monthly contribution of just $25 can provide:

•  New shoes for up to six of our boys and girls
•  A monthly allowance for one child
•  Caps and gowns for all of our graduates
•  Birthday gifts for 12 children
•  Feed for our Rancher’s horses for one month

VIDEO: New Girls Cottage Opens at Ranch

At the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches, we have seen a growing need for sibling groups, especially sibling groups that include younger children, who need a place to call home.

We recently wrote about the youngest children we have taken to date. An under two year old, her three year old sister, and her brother, who is 10. This sibling group is just one of many reasons we decided to open a new cottage for girls at the Ranch this year.

Here’s a story from KAIT Region 8 News about the new cottage and this immediate need.

KAIT Video
We have repurposed an older home on our campus and completely remodeled it to be a home for up to eight new girls. This doubles the Ranches’ capacity for girls, and will allow us to keep even more sibling groups together rather than moving them to separate foster homes.

The house is now ready, and we already have girls moving in. But we need additional support for this new home to fund things like utilities, groceries, hygiene products, and salary for a full-time housemother.

You can help support our new cottage with a one-time or monthly gift to the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches. Click here to give today!

Did you know that a monthly contribution of just $25 can provide:

•  New shoes for up to six of our boys and girls
•  A monthly allowance for one child
•  Caps and gowns for all of our graduates
•  Birthday gifts for 12 children
•  Feed for our Rancher’s horses for one month

You can make a difference in the life of a child. Click here to make a monthly gift to the Ranches.