Residential Child Care Program

The Ranch’s therapeutic residential program provides a home for abused, neglected, and abandoned children as young as age six.  Residents may remain in the program through post-secondary education and/or job training. Each child lives in a cottage with a set of house parents and up to nine other children.  Find out more about the daily life at the Ranch in our Campus Life section.

The Ranch is located in Bethesda, Arkansas. It is equipped with lodging, computer and technology labs, on-site staff, recreational facilities, and livestock. All facilities are handicap accessible.

Speakers Bureau / Community Education / Child Abuse Awareness

Each day the Ranch visits communities throughout Arkansas to raise awareness of our efforts to help end child abuse and neglect in Arkansas.  Ranch staffers will speak to any audience with open hearts and ears, from chambers of commerce to local churches.  We also sponsor and assist community professionals and law enforcement with workshops to help prevent and treat abuse and neglect.

If you’d like to invite us to speak at your next event, please contact us. You can also find out about upcoming events to support the Ranch in our News Section.