After #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday, We Celebrate #GivingTuesday

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***UPDATE*** Wednesday, December 2, 2015


GivingTuesday ThanksOn #GivingTuesday, the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches partnered with Citizens Bank of Batesville to raise funds and awareness for the Ranches’ programs. Through an email and social media campaign with help from local Batesville media, the Ranches and Citizens Bank got the word out about the bank’s $5,000 matching gift opportunity and at last count the Ranches had raised $10,195. With the bank’s matching gift, the total raised for the Ranches on #GivingTuesday amounts to $15,195!

Many thanks to the people of Batesville who dropped off donations at Citizens Bank and others across Arkansas who donated online and by phone. You all gave back in a big way to support the Ranches on #GivingTuesday! We are also grateful to Citizens Bank for offering the matching gift that encouraged many to participate and give. The end of the year is a very expensive time to raise a child, and when you raise as many boys and girls as we do at the Ranches, that cost just multiplies with the amount of children we serve. The funds raised on #GivingTuesday will go a long way to meet the Ranches’ greatest needs to provide for the 36 children who currently live at the Ranches.

The Ranches are a nonprofit 501c3 organization that is more than 90% privately funded through charitable donations. All contributions to the Ranches are tax deductible, and you can continue to donate by clicking here or by calling 870-793-6841.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

After #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday, we celebrate #GivingTuesday. This year’s #GivingTuesday will be on December 1, 2015. This special day proves the holidays can be about both giving and giving back._MG_6098

And this year, Citizens Bank of Batesville is giving back in a big way! For every dollar you donate to the Ranches, Citizens Bank will match your gift up to $5,000! You can make your gift go twice as far and help the Ranches receive those matching dollars by making an online donation on #GivingTuesday or by dropping your gift by at any Citizens Bank location.

At the Ranches we serve boys and girls who need a place to call home. Some have been abandoned, abused or neglected. Some have never experienced the joy of Christmas. Some have never lived in a house with people who care not only for them – but about them as well. Please consider making a gift to the Ranches this #GivingTuesday, and give a child the gift of joy.

Here are some ways YOU can the Ranches receive the entire $5,000 matching gift from Citizens Bank on #GivingTuesday: 

  1. Make an online donation or drop your donation by any Citizens Bank location.
  2. Help us get the word out about Citizens Bank’s $5,000 matching gift! Use the buttons below to share this email with a friend.
  3. Follow the Ranches’ social media updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share them with your friends. Don’t forget to follow @YouthRanches!
  4. Tag your updates with #GivingTuesdayAR to join the conversation on this special day of giving!
ark sheriff 15 license plate_dotAnd in honor of #GivingTuesday, every online gift above $50 and every new Hope Builder will receive one of the Ranches’ 2015 License Tags as a special Thank You. Click here to donate now!

Many thanks to Citizens Bank
for providing the matching gift to encourage giving in support of the Ranches on #GivingTuesday!

13.Dec.2016Become a Hope Builder for our boys and girls with a monthly donation. Did you know that a contribution of just $25 per month can provide:

•  New shoes for up to six of our boys and girls
•  A monthly allowance for one child
•  Caps and gowns for all of our graduates
•  Birthday gifts for 12 children
•  Feed for our Rancher’s horses for one month

Become a Hope Builder today by clicking here!


Ranches Meeting Need in Arkansas Foster Care Crisis

YOU can help keep more brothers and sisters together at the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches.

Did you know that 7,698 children entered the Arkansas foster care system last year?

That means 21 children were separated from their families. Every. Day.

Can you imagine what that would feel like?

Everything you’ve ever known. Changed in a moment.

Removed from your family with nothing but the clothes on your back and maybe a few belongings in a black garbage bag.

_MG_6229That is why today I am humbly asking for your help. YOU can restore hope to these children.

As of August 2015, there were 4,387 children in foster care system in Arkansas. At the same time there were only 2,940 foster home beds.

You’re probably asking yourself, “What are they doing with the rest of these children?” Some are placed in crowded shelters. Some are placed in mental health facilities because they have open beds. Others wind up sleeping on a cot in their caseworker’s office. Or worse, some are left in a potentially abusive environment until a bed opens up or a new foster parent becomes available.

Governor Asa Hutchinson says that foster care is one of the biggest crises facing Arkansans today.

It is difficult for the state to find foster homes for brothers and sisters to stay together. So through no fault of their own, these children are often separated from the only family they have left.

But YOU can help! Your gift to the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches will help keep more of these brothers and sisters together. More than 75% of the children we now care for at the Ranches are here with their brother or sister. Click here to give today.

Thanks to the Sheriffs of Arkansas and the generosity of our donors, the Ranches provide a safe place for these boys and girls to call home for however long they need. Many of these children have arrived at the Ranches with nothing but a garbage bag full of old clothes and a broken heart. But YOU can make a difference today by making a gift to the Ranches.

SiblingsYOUR gift will help brothers and sisters like these stay together. YOU can give children more than a warm bed and three meals a day. YOU can give them a home. And a houseful of people who care – not only for them – but about them. YOU can give them a second chance and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Please consider how YOU can help keep more children together this year with a gift to the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches.

Our houseparents hear many heartbreaking stories from our boys and girls. But hearing the words “thank you” from a child melts their hearts and gives them hope to continue on!

YOU can make that possible by becoming a Hope Builder with a monthly gift to the Ranches. Just select the monthly option with your gift, and it will be automatically processed each month. It’s a simple and secure way that YOU can show your commitment to caring for Arkansas’s foster children.

With YOUR help, the Ranches can be a place to call home for many more Arkansas children. Please consider a gift today.