Ranchers Training to Show New Sheep

A generous donation of sheep at the Batesville Ranch a few months ago has led us to begin a show program for our new additions.  I know that this is the easiest project to start as far as a show project for anyone just starting out.  After a few emails, a donor offered to buy the Ranch a set of four ewe lambs to show in the fall, and then we are going to use the lambs to start raising our own flock of sheep.  The lambs came from a breeder in Mississippi who is very well known for raising high quality show lambs.  The kids at the Ranch are excited about the new project and are starting to prepare the animals to show at the North Central Arkansas District Fair in the fall of 2012.

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Schoolwork at the Ranch

The ranchers have finished up the first half of the school year and are doing great.  Each child attends tutoring sessions Monday through Thursday where the tutoring staff is made up of volunteers and school employees.  Students can get help on their homework during sessions and spend time reading in our library.

A few of the ranchers are taking Spanish this year and are trying to master conversation skills.  Math, a large part of every child’s education, takes time and dedication to understand.  So, every day they learn a new lesson to build upon what they have already learned. Read more…

Help the Ranchers Ring in the New Year

The following is a list of needed items compiled by our house parents and staff.  Help the ranchers ring in the New Year by helping out with their daily needs! Read more…