Actor Judge Reinhold Visits the Ranches

On Saturday, December 13th, actor Judge Reinhold made a Christmastime visit to the boys and girls at the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches campus in Bethesda. Judge Reinhold, who now lives in Arkansas, is known for his roles in the The Santa Clause and Beverly Hills Cop movies. The boys and girls from the DeGray Lake and Donald W. Reynolds Campuses also traveled to the Batesville Campus for the special visit.

After a lunch with the children and staff, Mr. Reinhold showed clips from some of his popular movie roles and talked to the children about his film career. He said his motto in life is, “The harder you slap me down, the higher I bounce,” and told the children to never give up on their dreams. After a screening of The Santa Clause, Reinhold posed for photos with the children and staff.