East Arkansas residents “Open Hearts, Pump Up!” for the Ranch

Recently 11 Circle ‘N’ market stores in east Arkansas collectively raised over $10,000 during their annual Open Hearts, Pump Up campaign to benefit the ranch.

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An Invitation for All

A recent visit to the beautiful hills surrounding Mountain View led me to the home of long-time Ranch supporters Shirley and Hannah Dyke, who reside south of town approximately six miles off of a beautiful country road.

For our visit, the Dykes had something they were indeed excited to show me. ¬†They are constantly improving and upgrading much of their land and buildings. ¬†Recently, they purchased a property adjoining their residence and after nearly a year of diligent work, they have completed the entire restoration of a second “home” for the benefit of the Ranch children, our house parents, and even the Ranch Boy Scout Troop to potentially use and enjoy!

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