2020 Youth Ranch Pumpkin Patch Canceled

ASYR has made the difficult decision to cancel its 2020 Pumpkin Patch due to Covid-19.

While we love hosting the pumpkin patch each year, the cancellation was necessary to protect the health of our Ranch boys and girls and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many thanks to our sponsors who have made this event possible each year and to the schools and churches that have brought groups out.

The Youth Ranch Pumpkin Patch raises much-needed funds for our mission each year, so if you would still like to support, you may make a gift by clicking here or by texting the word Ranch to the number 41444.

We hope to to reopen the Pumpkin Patch in October of 2021, so mark your calendar and begin making plans for your family or group to attend.

From Rancher to High School Coach | Back to School

Scott remembers, it was a hot summer day when he was removed from his home by the court. He was just 14 at the time.

Although leaving home was scary, he felt going to the Ranch couldn’t be any worse than where he was living.

Years later, Scott can still recount the trauma of being locked in the sweltering garage or the camper all alone. As one of 5 kids (from multiple sets of parents), things happened that no child should have to experience.

After he was removed from his home, he was able to come live at the Ranch. Initially, Scott had anger issues. This made school difficult. He even had to repeat one year of school. But, because of committed houseparents that helped every night with homework and refused to give up on Scott, things began to improve. For the first time, Scott experienced true unconditional love.

What happened next was a game changer. Some faithful supporters learned that Scott loved baseball and began picking him up from the Ranch every day to take him to baseball practice. Scott’s love of the game grew, and eventually he went to college so he could continue to play ball while learning how to become a coach and teacher himself.

Today, Scott has a lovely family and is a teacher and is the head softball coach at Batesville High School.  Scott’s journey has brought him full circle. Now, this former Rancher is teaching some of the children who call the ASYR “home” today!

Read Scott’s letter below.

Today, just like when Scott was at the Ranch, we are truly grateful to our generous supporters who help provide for our Ranch boys and girls.

You Can Help!

The 2020 school year will begin soon, and while Covid makes this year uncertain in a lot of ways, one thing is sure. We still have lots of excited boys and girls to outfit before their first day back!

For some of our newer Ranchers, this will be this year will be the first time they thrive in their school work, thanks to support from friends like you.

Our biggest needs for the school year are:

  • Backpacks for boys and girls of all ages
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Loose leaf paper
  • 2-inch binders
  • Binder tabs
  • Hand sanitizer

Because we have children in grades kindergarten through college, their supply needs vary greatly. Your online gift is the very best way to make sure every Rancher’s need is covered, even beyond the classroom.

Your gift of $285 can provide everything one Rancher needs for a great school year – new school clothes, a new pair of shoes that fit, a fresh haircut, school supplies, a mask, and a new backpack.

Will you join us today by making a gift? Even a gift of just $30 can give two children a brand new backpack – something they may have never had before and that they will carry with pride!

Your gift today not only helps with needs like school supplies and backpacks, but it’s also an investment in the futures of Arkansas boys and girls.

•  $285 can outfit 1 child for the 2020 school year
•  $150 can buy new school clothes
•  $125 can purchase school supplies
•  $50 can pay for 5 fresh haircuts
•  $45 can buy a pair of new shoes
•  $30 can buy 2 new backpacks

You can make a difference in the life of a child this school year. Click here to become a Hope Builder by making your gift a monthly contribution to the Ranches. It’s quick and easy to make a gift: click here or text the word ranch to 26989 to make a gift today!


A letter from Scott:

When I was just 14 I came to the Ranch. It was the first time in my life I felt safe and loved.

At the Ranch, I learned what a normal childhood was. I got to fish. I got to go to school at Batesville, where I played sports – and loved it.

I feel so lucky that some committed supporters of the Ranch took an interest in me. They would drive all the way to the Ranch to pick me up and take me to ball practice every day for two summers!

That was a game changer – complete strangers cared enough to take me to ball practice. Then my houseparents Rick and Cheyenne continued taking me all the way across town just to make sure I continued to make it to practice.

I don’t want to think of what my life would be had it not been for the Ranch.

I want to give back. That’s why I’m now a teacher and a coach.

Some kids just need a chance, and thousands of kids in Arkansas don’t get that chance. When you give, it means more kids get a chance. More kids have food to eat and a place where they’re safe. They can find hope!

Please continue to support the Ranch. It all adds up, and it can change a kid’s life. It certainly changed mine.