You know that we are called the Arkansas SHERIFFS’ Youth Ranches because we were founded by the sheriffs. But have you ever wondered why the word RANCHES is in our name?

One aspect that makes our program different from any other in the state is the fact that we are a real working ranch. At our Batesville campus, our Ranch boys and girls are helping raise a registered Hereford beef herd. The boys and girls love being able to work with these gentle cows, and raising cattle is also giving them educational, real world experience. It teaches discipline, responsibility, safety, respect for animals, and the importance of an honest day’s work. We also provide healthy meals to our Ranchers using our 100% grass-fed beef! Read more about how our cattle program changed one Rancher’s life.

As you can see, our cattle program plays an incredibly important role in the Ranches’ mission. It allows the ASYR to be more self-sustaining, provide healthy food for our children, and also creates additional revenue from the sale of our cattle and beef products that we invest back into our mission.

We are proud to offer grass-fed Hereford beef that is antibiotic and steroid free raised at the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches. Check back regularly for pricing and availability. You are welcome to pick up your products at our Batesville campus, or it can be shipped to you. If you have any questions or would like to place an order please contact us at (870)793-6841.


Ground Beef @ $10 per 2 lb package

*All orders require a minimum order of 6 lbs to be shipped.

*Shipping totals will be added at the end of your purchase.