Get involved with the Ranch in your area

Enjoy working with youth? Would you like to make a lasting impact on their lives- by volunteering? Or maybe you would like to spread the word by visiting with groups in your hometown.  The Ranch is mostly open to any way you’d like to donate your time and effort, and here are a few great ways for you to get involved.

Ranch Hands

Time to put on those leather gloves and get to work for the Ranch.  Spend the day helping out around the campus in your community – mend a few fences, help cut the grass, or spend some quality time with our Ranchers on a trail ride.  To become a Ranch Hand, give us a call at (870) 793-6841 or send an email with your interest.


Excel in math, science, English, literature, etc.?  Many Ranchers attend tutoring sessions each afternoon following school to sharpen their knowledge of core subjects in grades 5-12.  Join us onsite and help our kids prepare for a successful future.  Please contact Philip Ives – (870) 793-6841 – to sign up today.

Additional Opportunities

There’s many ways to help around the Ranch. Give us a call (870) 793-6841 or complete our Volunteer Application and we’ll contact you!


Check this page often for possible internship opportunities in the fields of sociology, agriculture and communications.