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Ranchers Head Back To School

The 2022-2023 school year will soon begin, and one thing is for sure, we have lots of excited boys and girls. Back to school is always an exciting time. For some of our newer Ranchers, this school year represents a fresh start. This year will be the first time they thrive in their school work.

One Rancher, a boy who has called the ranch home for over 5 years, will get his diploma this year!

This is all thanks to support from friends like you.

Prices continue to rise: You Can Help!

August 22nd we will send our Ranchers back to school. As the costs of living continue to rise, the process of sending so many children back to school becomes increasingly difficult.

Because we have children in grades kindergarten through high school, their supply needs vary greatly. Your online gift is the very best way to make sure every Rancher’s need is covered, even beyond the classroom.

Your gift of $285 can provide everything one Rancher needs for a great school year – new school clothes, a new pair of shoes that fit, a fresh haircut, school supplies, a mask, and a new backpack.

Will you join us today by making a gift? Even a gift of just $30 can give two children a brand new backpack – something they may have never had before and that they will carry with pride! Your gift today not only helps with needs like school supplies and backpacks, but it’s also an investment in the futures of Arkansas boys and girls.

•  $285 can outfit 1 child for the 2022 school year
•  $150 can buy new school clothes
•  $125 can purchase school supplies
•  $50 can pay for 5 fresh haircuts
•  $45 can buy a pair of new shoes
•  $30 can buy 2 new backpacks

You can make a difference in the life of a child this school year. Click here to become a Hope Builder by making your gift a monthly contribution to the Ranches. It’s quick and easy to make a gift: click here or text the word ranch to 26989 to make a gift today!

Some of our biggest needs for the school year are:

  • Backpacks for boys and girls of all ages
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Loose leaf paper
  • 2-inch binders
  • Binder tabs
  • Hand sanitizer

If you order supplies online, it can be shipped to us at: ASYR, 100 Saint Vincent Place, Batesville, AR 72501.

Thank you for supporting our boys and girls this school year!

About @YouthRanches

The Arkansas Sheriffs' Youth Ranches provide a loving, safe place to call home for children across Arkansas. Founded in 1976 by Arkansas sheriffs, ASYR has been home to more than 2,300 boys and girls from every corner of the state.