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You can still make a difference in 2018!


As we wrap up 2018 at the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches, we reflect on how far our Ranchers have come and the blessings of another year. This year: 

  • Three Ranch Seniors graduated from high school.
  • Many of our cottages got new roofs and updates to make them an even better place to call home.
  • Ranchers helped pull off a record breaking Pumpkin Patch, with over 3,600 visitors!
  • We celebrated many birthdays and Christmas with lots of presents for our Ranchers.
  • Ranchers continue to help on the farm with new animals and a growing herd.
  • We re-opened our renovated event center and have helped a lot of folks celebrate special events.
  • More than 60 children found a home and hope for a brighter future at the Ranch.

None of this would have been possible without generous support from friends like you!

An end of the year gift will help the Ranch finish 2018 strong and put us on a firm footing going into the new year. Click here to make your year-end contribution.

Because the ASYR is funded almost entirely through charitable contributions, we need support from friends like you to provide homes for children in 2019.

Here are some ways to support the Ranches at year end:

•  Make a year-end gift or set up a monthly Hope Builder contribution. As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, all gifts made to the Ranches are tax deductible within the extent of the law. Click here to give online today.

•  Give by check. By far, the majority of the gifts received by the Ranches are by check. Checks made payable to ASYR may be mailed to PO Box 3964, Batesville, AR 72503. Postmark by December 31st for 2016 tax credit.

•  Give by phone. You can make a one-time gift or set up a monthly Hope Builder gift over the phone by calling 870-793-6841, ext. 315.

•  Spread the word. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share the ASYR with your friends.

•  Donate gifts of stock or property. The Ranches can accept a variety of noncash gifts including appreciated stock or property. Contact Matt Cleveland at 501-940-3440 or matt@youthranches.com to learn more.

•  Make a special tax free gift via IRA. For those aged 70½ or older, you can make tax-favored charitable gifts from traditional and Roth IRA accounts. Click here, or contact Matt Cleveland at 501-940-3440 or matt@youthranches.com to learn more.

•  Set up a personal visit. If you have other ideas for a special gift to benefit the Ranches, let us know. Contact Matt Cleveland at 501-940-3440 or email matt@youthranches.com to set up a visit today!

Your end-of-the-year gift to the Ranches is an investment in Arkansas’s future. Every gift, no matter how large or small, is truly appreciated and is used to provide for all costs associated with raising a child. Together we can make a difference in the lives of even more children in 2019!

Wishing you and yours a New Year filled with love and kindness, from all of us at the Ranches!

Become a Hope Builder

In 2019, commit to a monthly contribution. It’s a simple, secure way to provide consistent support to the ASYR. Click here to support today! For the cost of a fast food meal, you can help change a child’s life. For a contribution for as little as $10 per month can help provide for things like:

•  New shoes or coats for our boys and girls
•  Christmas and Birthday gifts for our children
•  Feed for goats, chickens or other animals on the Ranch
•  Salary for our loving houseparents
•  An allowance for a child
•  Utilities for our cottages

This year, you can make a difference in the life of a child. Click here to become a Hope Builder with your monthly gift to the Ranches.

About @YouthRanches

The Arkansas Sheriffs' Youth Ranches provide a loving, safe place to call home for children across Arkansas. Founded in 1976 by Arkansas sheriffs, ASYR has been home to more than 2,300 boys and girls from every corner of the state.