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Bethesda Day and Turtle Races


Bethesda Day is a special holiday in our community where everyone gets together to enjoy our neighborhood.  A parade is given through the heart of the community with antique cars, buggies, and floats from the local churches.  A few of the kids take part with the Bethesda Volunteer Fire Department. They enjoy the sense of pride they feel as the fire trucks go by in the parade.  After the parade is over, everyone congregates at the Bethesda Community Center where various games and pageants take place. 

Each year the one event kids always look forward to are the turtle races.  The competition is fierce as all the kids collect turtles from their backyards to put them up against each other in a contest of speed. Don’t worry– no turtles were hurt during this activity. 

The girls always find some time to enter into the Ms. Bethesda beauty pageant. They enjoy spending time in their beautiful gowns.  After everyone has had their fun with the games and pageant, the food is brought out.  BBQ meat, coleslaw, corn on the cob, and an assortment of pies are set out for everyone.  The kids get their fill and enjoy a nice glass of lemonade or sweet tea. 

All of the kids get the opportunity to see and enjoy the comfort of living in such a close-knit community!

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