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Our new website has launched!

New YouthRanches.com  includes features to keep supporters connected with life on the Ranch

Throughout the past 35 years, the Ranch has introduced many resources to share its successes with those who make them possible. That capability greatly expanded in June with the launch of the new YouthRanches.com, a redesigned website using the latest in communications tools to provide an inside look at daily life on the Ranch and keep supporters more connected than ever before.

“What makes the Ranch special for our kids are the moments they share each and every day as a family,” says Ranch CEO Mike Cumnock. “It’s a whole new experience for them. You see it in their faces, hear it in their stories; and now, through this new website, we can share these moments with our supporters as they happen,” said Cumnock.

The new YouthRanches.com features a weekly updated “News” section providing the latest stories and updates from the Ranch with accompanying pictures, videos and other multimedia. The section also includes feature profiles of current Ranchers, guest commentaries from staff members including Cumnock, and testimonials from former Ranchers about their life-changing experiences.

“Ranchers tell their personal story at the [Arkansas Children’s] Award Dinner each year, and I’ve seen 250-pound grown men break down into tears,” said Cumnock. “It’s a powerful message, and it’s all available at YouthRanches.com.”

A New Look

Those familiar with the former site will immediately notice the new layout, lighter tone and colors. According to Larry Stone, president of the Ranch’s Board of Directors and executive creative director of the site’s designer Stone Ward, the new visual appeal represents the atmosphere the Ranch generates.

“For many the Ranch is and always will be the place they call home, so it was important that this site feel welcoming, friendly and genuine as soon as you land on the homepage,” said Stone.

More Ways to Give

The new YouthRanches.com also features enhanced giving options for donors.  In addition to one-time donations, supporters can now safely set up a reoccurring giving plan to provide for the Ranch on a monthly basis through credit, debit, personal checking or business checking accounts. And, if you want to show your support with the latest T-shirt, coffee mug or cookbook, the site includes an online store with Ranch paraphernalia and accessories.

“As technology has progressed, it has become easier and safer to make online transactions,” said Cumnock. “We want Ranch supporters to have these options; still, if you want to do it the old fashion way, our phone number and mailing address are still listed. We’d be glad to take your call or receive a letter from you.”

Everything Online

The Ranch is also reaching out through other online channels to keep supporters up-to-date on the latest Ranch activities. The organization has launched a Facebook Fan Page (www.facebook.com/YouthRanches) and Twitter account (www.twitter.com/YouthRanches) to share news/campus updates, photos, upcoming events, speaking engagements and videos.  The Ranch will also be launching a monthly e-blast service that re-caps all the latest news and activities.

Other information, such as the Ranch’s history, admissions procedures, driving directions to Ranch facilities and staff contacts are also still available at YouthRanches.com. Additionally, if you would like to share this or previous editions of the Ranch Report with family and friends, the site includes a full archive of publications dating back to 2008.

“The look may have changed, but our mission is still the same – to provide troubled youth a safe, family environment to call home. Take some time to visit the new site and you’ll see how supporting the Ranch is changing lives on a daily basis,” said Cumnock.

About @YouthRanches

The Arkansas Sheriffs' Youth Ranches provide a loving, safe place to call home for children across Arkansas. Founded in 1976 by Arkansas sheriffs, ASYR has been home to more than 2,300 boys and girls from every corner of the state.