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Name: Shayne
Age: 14

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Team: Yankees
Shirt Size: Men’s medium
Pant Size: 29×30
Shoe Size: 10
Hobbies: Eating, Baseball, Music

Gifts Under $30

  • Plasma Globe
  • Syracuse Orange Basketball
  • NYC MTA train, subway line, map shirt
  • Pacman Ghosts Lounge Pants (as seen on ThinkGeek.com)
  • Marvel Thor Mjolnir Ceramic Cup
  • Chocolates and snacks

Gifts Over $30

  • Mountain Bike
  • Timerland Green Logo Down Puffer Coat
  • Hibbet’s gift cards
  • Camo Skulls Beats Solos headphones
  • Traxxas Stampede
  • 2009 Air Jordan 11s space jam retro edition
  • Men’s Radford 6-inch lightweight waterproof boots (Navy Waterbuck) Mens 10
  • Oculus Go

Other Gift Ideas

  • Bass Guitar

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