From the Shelter to a Forever Family

Little Isaac was only 7 years old when he and his older brother and sister were removed from their home and placed in a shelter. Their mom was addicted to drugs and had neglected taking care of the children.

While their mother went to court multiple times, she could never pass a drug test. Eventually, she had to give up the rights to her children because of her severe addiction.

The children had been separated and lived in shelters for months. They didn’t know when they would be back together or if they would ever be able to return home.

In an effort to reunite the siblings, they were placed at the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranch. Even though the children were safe at the shelter, at the Ranch they truly felt at home. They were also very excited to be back together.

The Ranch’s ability to accept sibling groups like Isaac’s is only thanks to contributions from our friends and supporters. You can join them by making a gift to support the Ranch today! Your support will allow us to keep more siblings together in family style foster homes, which is always best for the child.

Isaac just turned 13, and most of his memories are from growing up here at the Ranch, taking care of the animals, and playing sports with our other Ranchers.

Last year, Isaac learned he was going to be eligible for adoption. He was anxious about the possibility of once again being separated from his brother and sister. He loved the staff at the Ranch and his houseparents and didn’t want to leave.

Philip and Emily Ives, who work at the Ranch (Emily actually grew up here!) and their son Dash had grown to love Isaac, as well. They didn’t want him to leave either, so they asked him if he would like to become a part of their family – forever. Isaac said YES, and his adoption was finalized in November!

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