On the Porch with Rick & Cheyenne

Rick and Cheyenne Ingram are truly part of the fabric of the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranch. Since 1983, they have raised more than 500 boys in their home, Faith Hall. They have enjoyed seeing these children grow into emotionally stable and responsible young men, many who now have families of their own.

We have a deep sense of gratitude to their 35-year commitment, and we wanted to ask them some questions about their time at the Ranch.

Q: How long have you been at the Ranch?
A: Rick started here as the mechanic in August 1982 and we started houseparenting in May of 1983,  so 35 years we’ve been houseparents! Of course, being a houseparent means you live here 22 days a month with 8 days a month off. Since we live only 5 minutes away, we go ‘home’ on our off time.

Q: What’s one of your favorite Ranch memories?
A: One of the funniest stories is when one of our boy’s chores was dishes. He really hated doing dishes, so he strategically hid them in the kitchen! Some were stacked up in the crack between the refrigerator and kitchen
counter, some were in the pantry. When I discovered them and asked him how they got there, he looked at me
with wide eyes and said, “Oh my goodness, who did that!” It had to have taken him way more time to hide them than wash them. To this day, we still laugh about that!

Q: What’s been most rewarding about your work at the Ranch?
A: The most rewarding thing about this job for us, since we’ve been here a while, is to get to see our kids come back with their own families and to see how successful they are.

Q: If you could let supporters know one thing about the Ranch, what would you tell them?
A: We would like our supporters to know that the Ranch really is a stable and healthy home for children…and that for Rick and I, it is our life. We love these kids unconditionally.

The Ingrams are the force behind our #RanchRaised boys and girls, and we are so grateful for them, and for all of our houseparents, who pour many opportunities, life lessons, and lots and lots of love into our boys and girls’ lives every day at the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches.


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