He tried to run away 3 times…

Ben was just 13. He’d been horribly abused by his drug-addicted parents. He did the best he could to take care of his younger siblings when his parents were high.

His younger siblings were eventually adopted and all ties to them had been cut off. This was really hard on Ben.  When Ben came to the Ranch he was probably one of the most depressed young boys I’d ever seen. It broke my heart.

Being so young and with his history of abuse and abandonment, Ben didn’t know how to handle his emotions. He was defensive and angry. He struggled daily just to get along with others. He certainly didn’t feel he could trust adults.

Three times – yes, three times, Ben put his things in a trash bag and tried to run away. But every time a house parent would go after him, bring him home and let him know how much he was loved.

Finally, Ben realized that trying to run away wasn’t going to work. He is loved here and we are not letting him go! It took a few years, but now Ben refers to the Ranch as ‘home’ and everyone here as ‘family.’

Today, Ben is a sophomore and has a good job working for a local restaurant. Ben accepted the love and grace that we poured out on him. He is grateful that he has a family that loves and cares for him.

We are forever grateful to our donors who allow us to make a difference in the lives of children like Ben.

Read Ben’s letter to two of our staff members who made a difference in his life.

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