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He was 12 and couldn’t tie his shoes…

Life Before the Ranch

He was just 12 years old and living in a run-down camper. There was no electricity, no water. It was heartbreaking. This was one of the worst living conditions we’d ever seen.

Dylan was living with his father. Unfortunately, his father was not mentally capable of caring for Dylan.

Dylan didn’t know how to brush his teeth, bathe properly, make a bed – or even tie his shoes.

Life on the Ranch

That was more than 4 years ago. But today – because of friends like you, Dylan’s life at the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches looks very different. A couple of weeks ago, Dylan started his senior year in high school! He loves life on the Ranch and helping with the animals on our farm. Thank you for giving Dylan a second chance.

It warms my heart when I see his self-confidence. Because of friends like you, Dylan has a bright future. He’s considering becoming an HVAC Technician. He often tells me, “Mrs. Nancy, if it weren’t for the people at the Ranch, I don’t know where I’d be.”

While each success story brings a huge smile to my face – to the same degree, I grieve that there are so many children out there who still live like Dylan did. These are innocent children who live in squalor because their parents are addicted to drugs, in jail, or are disabled.

They’ve been neglected and abused. They’re not going to school. Some even survive by digging for expired food from dumpsters behind grocery stores. These are the kind of stories we often hear from our children, who if it were not for the Ranch, would slip through the cracks of society.

But You Can Help

Right now, you can help a children like Dylan with a gift to the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches. A monthly donation of just $25 can help pay the electric bill for one of our five cottages. A monthly gift of $50 can help us buy groceries for one cottage. Anything you can do – when we put it together with other contributions from other donors – allows us help children who need us. Click here to give today.

Dylan is just one example of the more than 2,050 children from every corner of Arkansas who have called our Ranches “home.” With all of us working together, we can make a tremendous impact and change the lives of many more children. Even a small monthly or one-time contribution would be so helpful at this time.

Nancy Weaver Fulton, CEO

Some of our greatest needs:

•  $25 per month can help pay one cottage’s utility bills.
•  $100 can help purchase clothes for a new child who comes to the Ranch with only the clothes on their back.
•  $150 can help purchase groceries for one cottage.
•  $285 can outfit 1 child for the 17/18 school year!

Becoming a Hope Builder by committing to a monthly tax-deductible donation is a safe and simple way to offer consistent support throughout the year. However you make your gift, please know that we are grateful for your investment in these young lives. Click here to donate today!