Ranchers go back to school in two weeks!

In just two short weeks, our Ranch boys and girls will be going back to school. There is so much to do between now and then! Hundreds of pairs of shoes and jeans will be tried on. Dozens of backpacks will be purchased and stuffed with new school supplies. There will be many fresh back-to-school haircuts given.

That’s the exciting part of back to school at the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches. But what you may not realize is that for many Arkansas boys and girls, just getting to school can be complicated.

How the Ranch Helped Three Siblings

Brandon’s mom was constantly in and out of jail for drugs. He never met his dad. He and his six siblings lived with their mother – when she wasn’t in jail. His siblings had multiple fathers, but none stuck around long enough to know their children.

Brandon and his brothers and sisters were neglected with no one to make sure they had food or their most basic needs met. Their grandmother stepped in to care for them when she could. But that support wasn’t enough. At age 15, Brandon’s future was looking pretty bleak.

However, three years ago, Brandon and his younger brother and sister were able to come to the Ranch. They quit having to move around from shelter to shelter, and at the Ranch, they now have a stable home and loving house parents who care about their success, in and out of school.

This May, Brandon graduated high school with a high GPA! The Class of 2017 even dedicated their class gift to the success of our two graduating seniors! Brandon is enrolled in college classes this fall and is working for the City of Batesville this summer.

What made the difference in this young man’s life?

People like you. How? Because the ASYR is funded almost entirely through charitable donations. Every day, our donors make a difference in the lives of the 30-40 boys and girls who live at the Ranch. And they will stay at the Ranch for as long as they need a place to call home, whether it’s three months or three years.

Today, there are many children across Arkansas who are hungry and neglected because their parents spend money on drugs instead of food and basic care. They long for a stable, loving home like we provide at the Ranch.

How You Can Help

School is starting back just two weeks from today, and we have lots of boys and girls to outfit for the school year! With a gift of just $285, we can buy clothes, shoes, a fresh haircut, school supplies, even a backpack for a child. Below are several ways you can help today. Click here to make a gift.

You can imagine what it is like for our boys and girls getting a new back pack and new shoes, some for the very first time! Their eyes light up with excitement, and they know they are going to have a great school year, because they have house parents and other staff at the Ranch who love them and are going to make sure they do their very best.

But we can’t do this important work without you! You can make a difference in these children’s lives today.

Here are some of our greatest needs:

 $285 can outfit 1 child for the 17/18 school year!
•  $150 can clothe one child for the year.
•  $125 can buy school supplies for a high schooler.
•  $50 can provide 5 fresh haircuts.
•  $45 can purchase a new pair of shoes for a child who has only known hand-me-downs.
•  $30 can provide 2 new backpacks.

Or you can become a Hope Builder by setting up an automatic monthly gift. It’s a safe and simple way to offer consistent support throughout the year. However you make your gift, please know that we are grateful for your investment in these young lives. Click here to donate today!