Three Siblings Reunited at the Youth Ranches

We recently took in our youngest children to date at the Youth Ranches. The brother, age 10, came to us a few months ago. When his 3-year-old sister was being moved from her third foster home, DHS asked us to take her. Fortuitous timing and a willing house mother allowed us to take in this sweet girl and reunite her with her brother.

17425876_10154552018608775_2654040107841278523_nLast week, DHS came to us again and asked if we could take in the youngest sibling, a not-yet-2-year old, after her ninth foster home was closing. She has cancer and will soon receive more treatment and a prosthetic eye, but we were able to take in this precious child and reunite her with her siblings.

Here is a photo of the three bonding over cartoons and snacks after months and months apart. Thank you to our loyal donors who continually support the ASYR’s mission and to our dedicated staff for making moments like this possible. When we work together, lives are changed at the Youth Ranches.

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•  New shoes for up to six of our boys and girls
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You can make a difference in the life of a child. Click here to make a monthly gift to the Ranches.