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Faith Hall News

Faith Hall has a new puppy. His name is Scully, and he is a nice addition to our family and we are all enjoying him.  Kaleb participated in basketball this past season, and it looks like Batesville Junior High had another winning streak.  Jamey was very busy with his college classes, and finally received his High School class ring.  He is very proud, and we are very proud of him.  Rob was very active in Special Olympics at school and has the distinguished job of taking care of the recycling at Faith Hall.  William loves to read, and Devin is very busy with football.  Alex learned to ride his bike without the training wheels – go Alex!  We want to extend our thanks from Faith Hall to all of our donors that make life meaningful for our kids.  God bless!

Gratton News

Gratton has a new Ranch addition as well.  Adrianna came to live at Gratton earlier this year and is happily getting started in Kindergarten.  The girls take turns braiding her hair and giving her piggy-back rides.  Shiann recently graduated and loves to work at the elementary school helping the students during their library time.  This is exciting for Shiann because she is planning to further her education in child care post-graduation.  Abbi has gotten used to taking college classes and excelled in her English Composition class.  She also loves to write poetry in her spare time and recently passed her drivers’ test.  Lizzy was really involved in her drama class at school.  Teresa is always there trying to make everyone laugh by making silly faces.  Claudia did really well in school is great at making friends wherever she goes.

Keith Hall News

The Keith Hall kids took a couple of hikes during the spring months, one to a natural waterfall and others through the woods.  They enjoy riding their bikes and playing with all the new toys they got for  Christmas.  All of the boys here worked hard to bring up their grades and the extra hours of tutoring paid off!  Our youth group at church is very busy, and the boys learned what it is like to feed and clothe the needy.  At home, Jon Michael is in charge of feeding our goats, sheep and dogs.

Olds Cottage News

School went pretty well for the kids at Olds Cottage.  The girls’ grades were good; one young lady even had the opportunity to be in Upward Bound this year, where she got to tour the University of Arkansas campus at Homecoming and attend the Homecoming football game.  We were honored to be the county’s recipient for the food drive, and 250 plus pounds of food arrived in time for us to prepare for the holidays.  Some of our students recently took the ACT test – way to go!  There is also a new addition at Olds Cottage, Roman the Scottish terrier from Keith Hall has come to live with us for awhile, and there is also a new young lady in the home.  She seems to be excited to be with us and is fitting in quite well.

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